Oleh: taufikmjc | Maret 11, 2007

February… I’m flying Without Wings

February??….. ehmm i like this month, i have any, much, Memory in who can make me smile in the wind without wings in this year. first, at date 14 i hold my valentine’s day first with my  heart, my  inspiration, my spirit,  althought  i’m forget to  give  a beauty flower to my girl  but  she  understand me  so thank my girl, 2nd , at date 17 i’m gate my new status,i have S.T (Sarjana Teknik) i was graduate since of 2002, and now complete my name add in bellow S.T so Taufikurrahman ST. third, at 24 February i’m get it my yudicium (pengukuhan) by my Rector Drs. Muhajir Effendy, MAp. thx for all, and the same day my big family came to gime me spirit in my yudicium and at 25 FEBRUARY, its my B’DAY ( happy B’day my Dear) thx my girl you are girl say congratulation b’day fisrt to me… n My family for the first celebration my B’day (hik…hik… i’m very happy, i miss all………………………. ( lagi nangis..)……………….. thx for all, and thx to Allah SWT, now i have a job, thx………. ( commentnya my english yang kacau ya….)


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